What can you truly offer as Designer or Developer?


I’ve been work as a UI/UX DESIGNER since 2009 and I have been very successful in creating an elegant and practical solution for the clients. My skills do not only come from the people who taught me, inspire me or even the agencies I worked for years or the time I spent as a freelancer in my free time, but also come from my dynamic personality, my curiosity and my passion for always improve myself and provide a beautiful and useful solution.

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What is your dream?

What is your dream? We often find ourselves thinking about what we would like to do and whether we would be able to do what we so long for. Sometimes the will to fulfill our dreams lasts for a few minutes, but soon disappear, as just another thought, another silly idea. But why do not we try to accomplish them? What makes us give up these dreams? Afraid of what they will think? Lack of money? Lack of time? Lack of energy?

We all have a dream. When we think of it, we feel excited, inspired, even for a few seconds. Most of us believe that dreaming is silly, waste of time, that we should not be thinking about, after all, it’s just a dream. The same kind of dream we have when we’re sleeping. Like an illusion.

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How to be more productive? Know the Pomodoro Technique.

Have you stopped to gauge how you use your time? Or wondering why you can never finish a task or even achieve a certain goal?

Knowing how to handle your time and be productive in your day-to-day life not only helps you with these issues but also helps you to have a better quality of life in the long run and directs your energy to activities that are beneficial to you. When you can clearly define your priorities and stay focused, the gears of your life start working in your favor.

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Freelancer, how much and how to charge? What is your value?

After making a few mistakes, reading a few books and a lot of blogs out, I’ve finally been able to set a fair value for my time. And more important than knowing the time it takes you to do a job, is to know exactly the value of your skills/knowledge and the time of performance.

The full-time freelancer, homework, must calculate in his budget the time it takes to perform a task because it is through this time that we will find the base value of your time. How much do you need to have at the end of the month so you can pay your bill for light, telephone, transportation, water, grocery, housing and other expenses? How much will you have to pay taxes and taxes? Find out how much you need to earn to keep up with your spending so that in the end you can charge a fair value to you and your client.

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