What is your dream?

What is your dream? We often find ourselves thinking about what we would like to do and whether we would be able to do what we so long for. Sometimes the will to fulfill our dreams lasts for a few minutes, but soon disappear, as just another thought, another silly idea. But why do not we try to accomplish them? What makes us give up these dreams? Afraid of what they will think? Lack of money? Lack of time? Lack of energy?

We all have a dream. When we think of it, we feel excited, inspired, even for a few seconds. Most of us believe that dreaming is silly, waste of time, that we should not be thinking about, after all, it’s just a dream. The same kind of dream we have when we’re sleeping. Like an illusion.

But if you stop to think, analyze, what exactly is having a Dream? Would not dreaming be an idea of what you want to do or something you want to do? Would not it be something like a goal, a goal?

Maybe if we thought of our dreams as goals, we would probably pay a little more attention. Maybe we would not dismiss them so easily, thinking it’s silly.

Having a dream is nothing more than accomplishing something that you want at a certain point in your life. It is an idea of what you would like to do, accomplish or even experience. The dream is an inspiring image of the future that energizes your mind, will, and emotions, enabling you to do all you can to achieve it. The dream is nothing more than a seed.

What is the value of your dream?

To dream you do not have to look at “neighbor’s grass”, just look at yourself and ask what you really want? Having a dream is something so comprehensive, so subjective, that it can be anything. And whoever attributes the value of your dreams is yourself and no one else. And finding that answer may be harder than you think. For this word can sometimes bring great weight. People often ask, “What’s your biggest dream,” but the truth is that we should ask ourselves what dream brings meaning to me, which makes me feel good and inspired, that makes me want to try. We spend so much time comparing ourselves, looking at what others have or do not have to stop or even forget that we are people capable of acting and transforming our situation. Or worse, we accept other people’s dreams as if they were ours.

And you do not have to have only one dream, there can be several. Regardless of what dreams you have, in order to accomplish them, you need determination, focus, planning, courage, and attitude. Without that, it will be impossible to get where you want. You need to draw up a plan and take action.

I have no dream. I do not believe this.

Well, if you do not believe or even do not have a dream, then ask yourself, what do you want to accomplish? What are your goals? What is not making you happy at the moment? How to change the situation? What I’ve wanted for 1, 2 or 3 years. Where are you going to be? What experiences do you seek? Go out there to explore, try, search, try something different. Start to wonder. The big question here is what you want for your life. Dreams almost always arise to get you to have some movement in your life. Even if you do not have a dream or something clear, explore until you find it. This process will open doors for you to know more about yourself and what you want for your life.

Take some risk. Perhaps what makes us not want to try is the fear of failure, but the truth is that failure is not something definite. It’s just a moment, and it helps you shape what you do, it excludes what does not work, what does not work, or does not help you get where you want to. And if fear is what others will think, it does not make any difference right or wrong, people will always want to speak, to judge. It makes no difference. Whether you’re doing something or not, people will always talk. Fact. So do not waste time.

Dreaming is what leads us to take the first step toward what makes us happy or what gives meaning to our lives. To dream is the spark, which, if you allow it, can lead you to discover much about yourself and to realize more than you realize.

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