What can you truly offer as Designer or Developer?


I’ve been work as a UI/UX DESIGNER since 2009 and I have been very successful in creating an elegant and practical solution for the clients. My skills do not only come from the people who taught me, inspire me or even the agencies I worked for years or the time I spent as a freelancer in my free time, but also come from my dynamic personality, my curiosity and my passion for always improve myself and provide a beautiful and useful solution.

I truly believe, nowadays designer and developers are looking for ways to expand their career becoming better in what they do and as well be recognized for their work and commitment. I believe we want more responsibilities, yet we also want more control of our decisions and the way we do our job. Of course, never forgetting that customers and users come first.

We are professional which need to be dynamic, detail oriented, communicate our thoughts clearly and at the same time enjoy to do what we do. We want to share, to participate, be involved and learn with our coworkers. We are never satisfied, we always want to give our best and bring solutions for our clients and users, however, and we know, we need to gain the trust of our bosses or clients. We are always thinking how can we improve our skills, how we can become better each day, what can we do differently in the next project. We never stop.

Work from home, from an agency or anyplace brings the dynamic we are looking for. I believe we, designers and developers, truly have the power to impact the world in a constructive way if we believe so. But more than solve problems, we want to facilitate, create interactions, bridges that really connect people and bring value to their lives.

So, Design and Developer more than do our job, let’s never forget to put our hearts and show our value.

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